LORETTE C LUZAJIC: His hat was an intricate lattice of earth

Lorette C. Luzajic The Bird Man His hat was an intricate lattice of earth and sand-colored arrow cane palm leaves that kept the sun off his shoulders. He had rings in his nose and stripes lining his face. Inside the bird cage where his heart used to be, there was a chess board, diamond squaresContinue reading “LORETTE C LUZAJIC: His hat was an intricate lattice of earth”

JWGOLL: Jimmie Cardinale is a narc and everyone knows it

Flash Fiction by JWGoll Narc Jimmie Cardinale is a narc and everyone knows it, so he is a terrible one. He’s got brothers and uncles in the department and he hangs out at Agostino’s, a cop tavern, so what does he expect? It’s not like he’s even trying very hard. But he has a cousin, Paola,Continue reading “JWGOLL: Jimmie Cardinale is a narc and everyone knows it”

SANDRA ARNOLD: A girl who got a horse as a surprise

Flash Fiction by Sandra Arnold Night and Day Night was her favorite time. Night was safe. Sheets over her head and a torch to read by. A library book about a girl who lived in a beautiful house with a garden. A girl who wore pretty dresses. A girl who got a horse as aContinue reading “SANDRA ARNOLD: A girl who got a horse as a surprise”

KATIE CORTESE: Ghost Dad Fixes The Sink

Flash fiction by Katie Cortese                                                                                 Ghost Dad Fixes the Sink It was chilly when she woke. The A/C was up too high, but she’d been drunk and that was why. She punched the thermostat three degrees warmer and picked up a trail of clothes from the living room floor—just her stuff now. The guyContinue reading “KATIE CORTESE: Ghost Dad Fixes The Sink”

HOWIE GOOD: Sigmund Freud dreams he is being pursued through gray frozen streets by Siberian wolves

Flash Fiction by Howie Good Smile Empty Soul Parents, on the recommendation of experts, are teaching their children how to shoot. Sometimes I want to cry out to God, I don’t belong here! Cops patrol in black and whites but ignore the worst of what’s going on. That’s why we need to consult those people who survivedContinue reading “HOWIE GOOD: Sigmund Freud dreams he is being pursued through gray frozen streets by Siberian wolves”

KELLI SHORT BORGES: The Door To Father’s Den

Flash Fiction by Kelli Short Borges  Wingbeats and Rainbow Laces  1 The door to Father’s den is open today. I know I’m not supposed to be here, but Mama is downstairs in the kitchen, baking his favorite cake, and Father is working in the garage, tool box out, oily hands shoved deep inside the hood ofContinue reading “KELLI SHORT BORGES: The Door To Father’s Den”

CHRISTOPHER LOCKE: 4×100 (Seasons)

Flash fiction by Christopher Locke 4×100 (SEASONS) I. The apple trees hide behind ancient white pine, low hills. Gripping your sack and trowel, you hope the brainy pops of morel have returned. It’s April, green as money. Winded, you bend your knees like seeking absolution. So many alien gills, the stalks gently lifted, gaping theContinue reading “CHRISTOPHER LOCKE: 4×100 (Seasons)”

NORA ESME WAGNER: Chunks You Can Swallow

Flash Fiction by Nora Esme Wagner Pits Sometime after we had stopped fucking, Julian began buying us cherry tomatoes. It was one of these nights when we were no longer screwing that I discovered the punnets of tomatoes. They were balanced on top of baby corn tins, the green basket trim like a picket fence.Continue reading “NORA ESME WAGNER: Chunks You Can Swallow”

ANTHONY VARALLO: These Kids, Those Years

Flash Fiction by Anthony Varallo                                                             THESE KIDS These kids—classmates, neighbors, and not quite friends—grow up together, without any of them noticing it. Mornings, these kids ride a bus to school. The bus’s windows fog with these kids’ exhalations, exclamations, shouts. “Pipe down!” the bus driver says, which only makes these kids laugh. Pipe down! AtContinue reading “ANTHONY VARALLO: These Kids, Those Years”

HANNE LARSSON: She Knows When He Nears

Flash Fiction by Hanne Larsson One for Sorrow, Two for Joy They moved in in the late spring. With the snow melted, the ground thawed, and the birds’ cacophony cascading down from the trees, they could finally bury Pa who’d been cohabiting with Mrs. Jones in the icehouse. The priest was sparse but fair; Pa’sContinue reading “HANNE LARSSON: She Knows When He Nears”