ASHLEY MCCURRY: Welcome To Exit Twelve

Flash fiction by Ashley McCurry WELCOME TO EXIT TWELVE I remembered to bring flowers this time. Our car creeps through the café drive-thru, and we’ll probably be told they’re out of oat milk, again. We always stop for a coffee run on the way back to my hometown. “Can’t they just walk over to thatContinue reading “ASHLEY MCCURRY: Welcome To Exit Twelve”

MARY ROHRER-DANN: She’s choosing the door and she’ll be doing the kicking

Flash Fiction by Mary Rohrer-Dann A Foot in the Door  Typing has nothing to do writing, and farming has nothing to do with what Cassie wants to write about, but the employment agency woman tells her that the job at Farm Wife Journal will give her a “a foot in the door,” and Cassie envisions a hugeContinue reading “MARY ROHRER-DANN: She’s choosing the door and she’ll be doing the kicking”

SARA FETHEROLF: This is the season girls go missing

Flash Fiction by Sara Fetherolf Via Combusta This is the season girls go missing, sleeping in beds not their own. One bolts awake, speaking a dead language. One is drinking bad wine from the bottle in a floodwater parking lot. She raises her collar like wolf hackles against the cold. The band paid one toContinue reading “SARA FETHEROLF: This is the season girls go missing”

KERRY TRAUTMAN: Mr. Bodecker with raspberry bushes

Kerry Trautman It’s Nobody’s Fault but Your Own  A house might live on another street, but still be your neighbor, because your back yards butt up against each other like a couple fighting but sleeping back-to-resentful back. Sometimes neighbors fight—over theories like property lines, or over dogs barking barking at every fucking squirrel. Behind myContinue reading “KERRY TRAUTMAN: Mr. Bodecker with raspberry bushes”

AGNES VOJTA: The manuscripts I keep

Flash Fiction by Agnes Vojta Paperweights and Nonlinearity Air bubbles trapped in the glass paperweight shimmer silvery. Patterns like ink drops dispersing in water waft through the glass. The light, refracted by the different layers, shimmers them in shades of green. In the center a dark circle, like a kernel of wisdom. I do notContinue reading “AGNES VOJTA: The manuscripts I keep”

SUMAN MALLICK: To stand exposed in the naked quick of life

Flash Fiction by Suman Mallick Sandwiched In her good days, she brims with the optimism that no situation lasts forever, that there is virtue in her misery; during the bad days, that same misery feels banal, it boils her with hubris and despair. There’s her father in a nursing home, with a fractured vertebrae andContinue reading “SUMAN MALLICK: To stand exposed in the naked quick of life”

HOWIE GOOD: the art of living courageously under imaginary circumstances

Flash Fiction by Howie Good                                                   Yes, Dr. No I’m told to go sit in the waiting area while “the laser heats up,” and for an instant, I’m not at the clinic or some anxious old man unable to see out of his left eye, but with Sean Connery/James Bond in Dr. No, the scene whereContinue reading “HOWIE GOOD: the art of living courageously under imaginary circumstances”

DANIEL JOSEPH: Warm Tuesdays in May

Flash Fiction by Daniel Joseph                                           Warm Tuesdays in May  But if not for her ex’s mama, no one would take her to the zoo on warm Tuesdays in May to sit on the bench and drink rosé from paper coffee cups and catcall the faux-free and train-rattling peacocks; no one would stroke the lovebirdsContinue reading “DANIEL JOSEPH: Warm Tuesdays in May”

KEVIN BRENNAN: Walks To Flames, All Around

Flash Fiction by Kevin Brennan                                                   Destroy All Joshes! She’d been hurt and hurt bad by a Josh, and a beautiful, soul-draped Josh he was, so it came as a total surprise and destroyed her like an asteroid crashing down. She knows it isn’t right, but now she can’t give any Josh the time ofContinue reading “KEVIN BRENNAN: Walks To Flames, All Around”

PETER CHERCHES: Who’ll feed the pigeons now

Peter Cherches                                                   On the Boardwalk I took the subway to Brighton Beach, to take a walk along the boardwalk. I love strolling with an ocean view, yet I do it in Brooklyn so infrequently, I don’t know why since it’s only about a twenty-minute ride away. I think this was the first time inContinue reading “PETER CHERCHES: Who’ll feed the pigeons now”