LORETTE C LUZAJIC: Maybe This Is Where You Went

Flash Fiction by Lorette C. Luzajic The Shepherdess after Seraphine Louis, artist, France, 1864-1942   She painted what the angels she was named for told her to. Cosmic lightshows, dazzling bejewelled foliage, wide eyes: what she saw when she closed hers. Paradise followed her, glittering with shards of light like stained glass. Perhaps the glowingContinue reading “LORETTE C LUZAJIC: Maybe This Is Where You Went”

SHAREEN K MURAYAMA: ‘It doesn’t have to be difficult’

Flash Fiction by Shareen K. Murayama   In the Magical Kingdom called The Suburbs   The individual families decide how many to procreate. The offspring are schooled with books, sports, and hobbies. The individual families become couples in a house with half-filled rooms, holding just-in-case beds for their offspring. The individual couples work, sleep, retire,Continue reading “SHAREEN K MURAYAMA: ‘It doesn’t have to be difficult’”


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