FLASH BOULEVARD is pleased to nominate the following stories published in 2021 for The Best Microfiction 2022 anthology. “Cuckold” by Jeff Friedman “Warm on the Vine” by Kathryn Kulpa “Taking Turns” by Frankie McMillan “Where are They Now?” by Katie Burgess “Darker” by Lorette Luzajic “The Best Kind of Love” by Pamela Painter  Please joinContinue reading “BEST MICROFICTION NOMINATIONS”

PAMELA PAINTER: A dumb topic for a grief group

Flash Fiction by Pamela Painter  Close Your Eyes                                                                                                   I was in kindergarten when I realized that when my friends heard “close your eyes” they fully expected something wonderful to appear or happen. Up to then, for me, it was what my grandfather said when he was about to do something dire. Like the time he stuffed sixContinue reading “PAMELA PAINTER: A dumb topic for a grief group”

KATHRYN SILVER-HAJO: No Fake Smiles for the Joyous Couple

Flash Fiction by Kathryn Silver-Hajo For Better, For Worse  (After“Seville, The Dance,” by Joaquin Sorolla)   I sat alone in the corner, while the other dancers strutted, swirled, stomped. I already danced myself sore, blistered, and exhausted six days a week for the benefit of those camera-happy tourists with their grating accents and ill-fitting clothes, butContinue reading “KATHRYN SILVER-HAJO: No Fake Smiles for the Joyous Couple”


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