Flash Fiction by Stuart Watson  A Buzzing in Her EarTwo weeks before Christmas is no time for a fly to show up. I was reading, enjoying the shitty life of the writer’s imagination, when this fly divebombs my ear. My right ear, if you care. I called Big Bad Brad. He’s the only exterminator inContinue reading “STUART WATSON: The Fly”

MANDIRA PATTNAIK: Never A Slip Between Cup And Lip

Flash Fiction by Mandira Pattnaik    Coupling                                                                                                     Scalar fears propelled Ena up the flight of stairs. Her heightened senses, marked by spatial frigidity. Feet, cautious on the passage leading to the bedroom door upstairs, left slightly ajar.   Dan, still asleep?   All these years, twenty and more, he’d be up early,Continue reading “MANDIRA PATTNAIK: Never A Slip Between Cup And Lip”


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