KATIE BURGESS: Duane’s Still Stuck In That Cave

Flash fiction by Katie Burgess The Single   Our dorm was old and full of weird stuff, like the stairs to nowhere. Some people say an international student got sick and died alone over Christmas break in the 50’s, and by the time they found her the janitors couldn’t get the smell out, so theyContinue reading “KATIE BURGESS: Duane’s Still Stuck In That Cave”

LORETTE C LUZAJIC: Maybe This Is Where You Went

Flash Fiction by Lorette C. Luzajic The Shepherdess after Seraphine Louis, artist, France, 1864-1942   She painted what the angels she was named for told her to. Cosmic lightshows, dazzling bejewelled foliage, wide eyes: what she saw when she closed hers. Paradise followed her, glittering with shards of light like stained glass. Perhaps the glowingContinue reading “LORETTE C LUZAJIC: Maybe This Is Where You Went”

KEITH HOERNER: Making it back to shore

Flash Fiction by Keith Hoerner   Making It Back to Shore with No Sign of Your Footsteps in the Sand—or Sight of You on the Horizon. I.I stand in water. It sloshes ’round my scuffed black leather wingtips, laps up the ankles of my rumpled dress slacks, turns khaki to the color of murky brown. Onlookers furrow theirContinue reading “KEITH HOERNER: Making it back to shore”

DANIEL ADLER: In the ocean too far from shore

Flash Fiction by Daniel Adler The Shark  Circle the table for the seven. Point with my cue to the corner. Lean, slide, knock it in.   The lamp swings gently over the table as I circle again—key to surveying and keeping your opponent unbalanced, circling.   Four ball—much harder here, side pocket. Square the hips.Continue reading “DANIEL ADLER: In the ocean too far from shore”

LAURA EPPINGER: Whatever Honey And Heat We’ll Yet Create

Flash Fiction by Laura Eppinger    Honey   I have a new need for earbuds. I have a new need for the gym. Once held it all in disdain, the wires in the ears, the hustle on a machine that leads you nowhere. But now I have a restlessness to pump to. Or run through. And with theContinue reading “LAURA EPPINGER: Whatever Honey And Heat We’ll Yet Create”

KAREN CRAWFORD: A Ghost Hangs in My Closet

Flash Fiction by Karen Crawford     A Ghost Hangs in My Closet   A Ghost hangs in my closet, tucked behind turtlenecks and cardigans. When it’s quiet; like 2am no sounds of cars on the avenue kind of quiet, she comes out and models my old clothes.   I breathe in the smell ofContinue reading “KAREN CRAWFORD: A Ghost Hangs in My Closet”

LISA FISHMAN: Ardent means your teeth are strong

Flash Fiction by Lisa Fishman           Ardent Means Your Teeth Are Strong           Recently, Ann-Marie has been accused of clenching her jaw and grinding her teeth. Her dentist, Dr. Winter, says she needs to wear a mouth guard to protect her teeth from her own clenching and grinding. He says it isContinue reading “LISA FISHMAN: Ardent means your teeth are strong”

SHAREEN K MURAYAMA: ‘It doesn’t have to be difficult’

Flash Fiction by Shareen K. Murayama   In the Magical Kingdom called The Suburbs   The individual families decide how many to procreate. The offspring are schooled with books, sports, and hobbies. The individual families become couples in a house with half-filled rooms, holding just-in-case beds for their offspring. The individual couples work, sleep, retire,Continue reading “SHAREEN K MURAYAMA: ‘It doesn’t have to be difficult’”

MILEVA ANASTASIADOU: Before The Original Sin

Flash Fiction by Mileva Anastasiadou   Show Me Your Lips and I’ll Show You Mine  You entered the eating room, dragged me inside, I’d rather wait, I told you and you shrugged, claiming you were still thirsty, it’s the most natural thing, you said, you came closer, closer, you came so close I almost smelled your breath, awkward,Continue reading “MILEVA ANASTASIADOU: Before The Original Sin”