MEHREEN AHMED: The Tea Boy Took Sick

Flash Fiction by Mehreen Ahmed Musk  “Not even the fragrant musk was as intoxicating as this story.”    The storyteller told sitting on a swollen root of an aged tree on the edge of a forest. He addressed a gathering of enthralled people. One dreary afternoon, under the opaque clouds, when the mists had curtainedContinue reading “MEHREEN AHMED: The Tea Boy Took Sick”

MIKKI ARONOFF: Cinderella, You’re Not

Flash Fiction by Mikki Aronoff Ash  When we inverted the urn over his prized patch of tiny tomatoes, out spilled Father, our bow-tied falling star, a stethoscope in one hand, garden hoe in the other. A spirit level tucked in his back pocket. A whistle of cells, redeemed from its last few months of aContinue reading “MIKKI ARONOFF: Cinderella, You’re Not”


FLASH BOULEVARD is pleased to nominate the following stories published in 2021 for The Best Microfiction 2022 anthology. “Cuckold” by Jeff Friedman “Warm on the Vine” by Kathryn Kulpa “Taking Turns” by Frankie McMillan “Where are They Now?” by Katie Burgess “Darker” by Lorette Luzajic “The Best Kind of Love” by Pamela Painter  Please joinContinue reading “BEST MICROFICTION NOMINATIONS”

GARY FINCKE: The boy who knew too much

Flash Fiction by Gary Fincke Photographs    In their bed together, a man and his wife and her college roommate, the spread pulled up to suggest they were naked or at least partially undressed while the roommate’s husband took his time to snap three shots as they smiled.     Both couples have been married twoContinue reading “GARY FINCKE: The boy who knew too much”

PAMELA PAINTER: A dumb topic for a grief group

Flash Fiction by Pamela Painter  Close Your Eyes                                                                                                   I was in kindergarten when I realized that when my friends heard “close your eyes” they fully expected something wonderful to appear or happen. Up to then, for me, it was what my grandfather said when he was about to do something dire. Like the time he stuffed sixContinue reading “PAMELA PAINTER: A dumb topic for a grief group”

KATHRYN SILVER-HAJO: No Fake Smiles for the Joyous Couple

Flash Fiction by Kathryn Silver-Hajo For Better, For Worse  (After“Seville, The Dance,” by Joaquin Sorolla)   I sat alone in the corner, while the other dancers strutted, swirled, stomped. I already danced myself sore, blistered, and exhausted six days a week for the benefit of those camera-happy tourists with their grating accents and ill-fitting clothes, butContinue reading “KATHRYN SILVER-HAJO: No Fake Smiles for the Joyous Couple”

ZVI A SESLING: The Most Obnoxious Student

Flash fiction by Zvi A. Sesling When Dreams Come True   I went to bed exhausted from laboring all day refurbishing cables on the George Washington Bridge. It is harrowing being hundreds of feet above the Hudson River working on those cables with only a safety line.   I fell asleep almost instantly and dreamedContinue reading “ZVI A SESLING: The Most Obnoxious Student”

PETER CHERCHES: More than enough cooks

Flash fiction by Peter Cherches  Help!   The guy sitting down on the sidewalk, leaning against the side of a building, had a sign that said “HELP!” I pulled a single out of my wallet and tried to hand it to him. He slapped my hand away. “I don’t need your filthy lucre,” he barkedContinue reading “PETER CHERCHES: More than enough cooks”

BARBARA NOVACK: Definitely not a New York Moment

Barbara Novack Love at 70   The first thing I noticed about him was the graceful way he walked as he crossed the street to the sidewalk café on Second Avenue where I sat nursing my morning coffee and croissant. The sun angling up over the East River glinted on his close-cropped brown hair, bringingContinue reading “BARBARA NOVACK: Definitely not a New York Moment”


Barbara Westwood Diehl  Mischief Night     He doesn’t think he should be the one carrying the carton of eggs. The whole Mischief Night thing was her idea. And they’re too old to be outside in the dark with kids slinging toilet paper over tree branches. Would the people in this neighborhood think her pregnant belly isContinue reading “BARBARA WESTWOOD DIEHL Throwing Eggs, With Lila”